Curatorial Forums

Alongside FotoFest’s Exhibitions on Contemporary U.S. Photography, FotoFest presented five Curatorial Forums – four DialoguesSymposium on Curating Contemporary Photography with the four curators invited to do the contemporary U.S. exhibitions and a with curators and artists.

All the forums were lively and well-attended, with discussions about how different curators approached selecting and putting together exhibitions; how the exhibition programs of museums and smaller art institutions function; the role of curators vis-à-vis artists; the responsibilities of curators in relation to art makers and the general public.  Audio excerpts from the forums will be available on the website in Summer 2010.


Curatorial Dialogues

MARCH 14 - 31, 5:30pm
The Doubletree Hotel Downtown  Houston, Texas

Unlike in the online world, most art work we see in museums, galleries and print publications doesn’t come to audiences directly. The intermediaries are curators, editors and, increasingly, private collectors. Among these intermediaries, the role of the curator is the least understood.


Symposium on Contemporary
Curatorial Practice2010Forums_Sym_1_t

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

This symposium looked at curatorial practices today. Panelists for the symposium were internationally known museum  curators, and artists.