FotoFest Exhibitions

Discoveries of the Meeting Place


March 12 - April 23, 2010
FotoFest at Allen Center One and Two

FreebergA_1_tFrom FotoFest’s 2008 Meeting Place where over thirty percent of the artist-registrants came from outside the United States, it is unusual to see that almost all the 2010 DISCOVERIES OF THE MEETING PLACE selections are U.S. artists. It is also striking to see the impact of war on this selection. Three of the artists are dealing directly with issues of war and conflict, particularly its aftermath and participants.

The works are diverse, often provocative and surprising. The curatorial statements create an informative dialogue between the images, the artists and their audience. The 2010 DISCOVERIES OF THE MEETING PLACE is the eighth exhibition relating to the Meeting Place portfolio reviews.

FotoFest inaugurated the first exhibition at FotoFest’s 1996 Biennial in Houston ten years after the Meeting Place began. The curatorial process is direct: Shortly after each Biennial, FotoFest asks ten reviewers invited to look at artists’ work at that year’s portfolio reviews to select one artist whose work she/he considers to be a particularly interesting “discovery.” The ten selected artists are asked to show their work in the following Biennial’s DISCOVERIES OF THE MEETING PLACE exhibition. The curators are asked to write a curatorial statement to accompany the work they select.

PapoR_4_tThe DISCOVERIES OF THE MEETING PLACE exhibitions have become very popular. FotoFest has traveled four of these exhibits to Brazil, Russia and Mexico. FotoFest has also developed special exchange agreements as regards the Meeting Place with other festivals and art centers such as Rhubarb, Rhubarb in Birmingham, U.K.; Encuentros Abiertos—Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires, Argentina; PhotoLucida, Portland, Oregon; Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City; and En Foco in New

It is our hope that this DISCOVERIES OF THE MEETING PLACE exhibition is just the beginning of a long and meaningful career in art-making for its participants.

Andy Freeberg, (Mill Valley, CA)
selected by Karen Sinsheimer, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA

Judy Haberl(Newtonville, MA)
selected by Rhonda Wilson, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham, UK

Liz Hickok(San Francisco, CA)
selected by Rixon Reed, Photo-eye, Santa Fe, NM

Emma Livingston, (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
selected by Darren Ching & Debra Klomp Ching, KLOMPCHING Gallery, NY

Toby Morris(Los Angeles, CA)
selected by Charles Stainback, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL

Rachel Papo, (Brooklyn, NY)
selected by Christopher Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Dona Schwartz, (Minneapolis, MN)
selected by William Ewing, Musee de l’Elsee, Lausanne, Switzerland

Christopher Sims(Efland, NC)
selected by Pippa Oldfield, Impressions Gallery, Bradford, UK

Sara Terry(Los Angeles, CA)
selected by Sue Brisk, Magnum Photo, NY

Ion Zupcu, (Hopewell Junction, NY)
selected by Madeline Yale, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX

LivingstonE_4_t The Meeting Place was created and developed in 1986 by FotoFest co-founders Frederick Baldwin and Wendy Watriss, who are photographers themselves. The program has been refined over the intervening twenty-four years by the FotoFest staff and Art Board in response to the needs and requests of both artists and curators. At the FotoFest 2008 Biennial, a fourth session of the Meeting Place was added to accommodate the number of artists wanting to register. * At the FotoFest 2008 Meeting Place, participating artists came from twenty-eight countries and thirty-six states in the United States. Reviewers came from twenty-one countries and twenty-one states in the United States.