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2010 Meeting Place


The Meeting Place was energizing, motivating, enlightening and inspiring. Between what I learned and who I met, I can feed off the experience and use it to advance my current projects.

    Arthur Drooker, Artists and 2010 Meeting Place Registrant 

The Meeting Place is an exciting forum for meeting with and reviewing the work of photo-based artists. While the artist might consider it solely as an opportunity to promote his or her own work, the arts professional  -- curators, gallerists, and publishers alike - is offered that same, unique occasion, one in which he/she has a chance to view photographic work from around the world

    Charles Guice, 2010 Meeting Place Reviewer and Gallery Owner,
    Charles Guice Contemporary, Berkeley, CA



Five hundred and twenty photographic artists took part  in the 2010 international Meeting Place. They  came from 31 countries and 37 states in the U.S.

The Reviewers came from 24 different countries and 22 different U.S. states. FotoFest brought 175 museum curators, publishers, gallery owners, editors, directors of non-profit organizations and photo agencies to review participants’ portfolios.

FotoFest gave 2010 Meeting Place scholarships to 11 artists from China, Korea, Mexico, and Argentina, Norway, USA, and Canada.

An important part of the Meeting Place is the Student Observation Program, initiated by FotoFest in 2008. This year, 60 students from seven Texas universities and college art departments participated in FotoFest's 2010 Student Observation Program.

A favorite feature of the Meeting Place was the
Evenings with the Artists – Open Portfolio Nights, connecting artists with other reviewers, collectors and the art-loving  public.  Four hundred and thirty-five Meeting Place artists participated in these Evenings. Eight hundred people attended the four  Evenings, one for each review session. Artists sold work, conversations were  lively and good connections were made by all.

For the first time, FotoFest invited Houston Galleries that were part of the 2010 Biennial Catalogue to take part the in these Evenings with the Artists. Sixteen Participating Spaces, representing a total of 32 artists, took part in the four Evenings.

The sixteen-day Meeting Place Portfolio Reviews, pioneered by FotoFest, gives registered artists an unparalleled opportunity to have their work seen by some of the most notable people in the field of photography -- museum curators, gallery owners, magazine editors, and representatives of photography agencies, collectors and publishers - from around the world.

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Over the course of the last 20 years, the Meeting Place has been the catalyst for exhibitions, publications, and wider acclaim for many artists. For 2010, we will be updating our Successes of the Meeting Place page soon. Please look forward to more information about our Successes of the Meeting Place page in the coming weeks. For a list of some of the opportunities artists have been given as a result of Meeting Place events, please see our current Successes of the Meeting Place page.

All Meeting Place registrants are able to participate in many different aspects of the 2010 Biennial, and they have special access to Citywide Exhibitions, Curatorial Forums, Artist/Curator Booksignings, Artist Talks, and Evenings with the Artists -Open Portfolio Nights.

I have encountered reviewers who are enthusiastic, decisive, and make use of my work In exhibitions or publications immediately after the reviews end.

     Dona Schwartz, 2010 Meeting Place Registrant and Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibiting artist

It was my first experience of this kind and meeting with the reviewers was very satisfying as I now understand how to better plan some aspects of my practice.

    Nicolo Biddau, Artist and 2010 Meeting Place Registrant

It was a rewarding experience – to showcase the work to a wider audience and to have interesting conversations with other participants and informative chats with the reviewers.

     Natalia Urazmetova, Artist and 2010 Meeting Place Registrant

The portfolio review has been one of the most challenging and expanding experiences in my career. The relationships I have created with the reviewers and photographers whom I met at FotoFest will only grow, this scholarship is a rare opportunity in the photography world, I am very honored to have been part of it.

    Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira, Artist and 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Having the ability to hear the reviewer’s responses to other photographers helped me as a photographer. It taught me that I need to have a concise statement about my work, while also being able to talk about it conversationally with other photographers/artists.

    Caitlin Grann, Student Observer, Texas Tech University

I learned how important it is to network, get your work out there, be brave, stand up for yourself, look for others if one doesn’t see your vision, it was an amazing learning experience.

     Katherine Robertson, Student Observer, Collins County College

It was great to be part of the community, see work, and meet new people.

Liz Steketee, Artist and 2010 Meeting Place Registrant


2010_FotoFestParisFor the first time, FotoFest is sponsoring a Portfolio Review in Paris in partnership with Lens Culture, the Paris-based online photography platform. The three-day FOTOFEST PARIS 2010 Portfolio Review is being done in conjunction with Paris Photo 2010 and the photography school Spéos.

See for details.

MARCH 2012

FotoFest’s next Biennial portfolio review in Houston is March 2012. If you would like to participate in the 2012 International Meeting Place, and you are not on our mailing list, please send you mailing address and email to Registration information will be sent out in the spring of 2011 and posted on this website.

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